Concrete, Sidewalk and Street Graphics

Event-Trac is a powerful advertising media. It’s super adhesive and sticks directly to clean dry asphalt and concrete. Event-Trac street graphics are targeted for shorter term marking like sidewalk advertising, concrete graphics, street decals, etc. It’s perfect for events such as parades, concerts, sidewalk sales and more. Event-Trac’s unique texture does away with the need to laminate, so it also allows for better visibility of graphics. Competitive films utilize a thick laminate to provide a slip resistance surface, which naturally detracts from the visibility of the graphics when viewed at an angle.

  • UV Printing

  • 52"w x Any Length


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Event Trac - Interior

event trac interior

Event Trac - Exterior

event trac exterior

*Not all materials available for all applications, click on images for material details.