Billboards are a great way to keep your brand at top of mind and advertise to your customers. GH ensures your billboard will have optimal viewing distance so it will catch commuters, pedestrians and travelers attention. Custom billboard graphics are perfect along highways, busy roads and other public places. Contact GH today to get started on a custom billboard print for your business or customer's business.

Billboards are perfect for local, regional or national advertising campaigns. They are a way to get your message out to many potential customers in a big way. Billboard banners are used along roads, highways and other public places. It's a good idea to switch up your billboard graphics a couple times a year to keep your message looking fresh and prevent it from getting lost in the everyday media clutter. If you have questions or would like more information on large format billboard banners, contact us and a friendly GH sales consultant will be happy to help you!



9.5oz Billboard


Billboard RTS

billboard RTS

*Not all materials available for all applications, click on images for material details.