Transit Industry Graphics

Bus Graphics

Bus graphics are one of the most popular and attractive forms of outdoor transit advertising. They are viewed all around cities and towns as they travel on their routes. Utilizing our full-color, UV ink digital printing process, our Bus Cards captivate commuters, travelers and pedestrians with their crisp text, photographic images and bright, vivid colors. GH offers a variety of standard and custom bus card sizes including Kings, Queens, Tails and any form and size of ad panels for transit use. We produce our graphics on the most durable vinyl busmark materials. These are built to last even when buses are washed with high pressure strong detergent wash lines.

Tail Bus Poster

Tail bus graphics display advertisements on the rear of the bus.

Standard Size: 21″h x 72″w

Mini Queen Bus Poster

Mini queen bus graphics are a smaller graphic that appears on the curb side of a bus.

Standard Size: 30″h x 88″w

Queen Bus Poster

Queen sized bus graphics typically on the curb side of busses. Since they face the curb side, they’re always seen by pedestrians while they’re commuting, shopping and more.

Standard Size: 30″h x 108″w

King Bus Poster

King size bus graphics are large prints that is installed to either side of a bus. They are quite large, and get a large reach and frequency every day!

Standard Size: 30″h x 144″w



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